School of Spatial &
Product Design

Zhou Zhi Qi Peggy

Zhou Zhi Qi Peggy

Diploma in Interior Design
2018 — 2021

Peggy is a positive and imaginative person who loves challenges and is willing to learn new things. She is keen to try different interior styles, not only for home decor but also exhibitions and stage designs. She is a strong team player and firmly believes that good team spirit is applied to interior design and society as a whole. Besides design, dance and music are both her passion and inspiration.



The project name SOTG is short for 'surfing on the ground'. Inspired by the skateboard, the theme reflects the vibrancy, cultures and street art of Arab Street.

The concept was referenced from the arc of a skate park where the shape of the place is fixed, but the skateboarders move freely. The first floor is a chillout area where people can buy drinks from the machine or order at the counter. The second and third floors are retail areas for skateboards. Just as the skateboard is divided into five parts: deck, grip tape, trucks, wheel and bearing, these two floors correspond to the requirements accordingly. The fourth floor is where people can try out the skateboard or test their DIY boards. The fifth floor is a working studio where people can construct their their own skateboards or repurpose old ones. The space design is based on the concept of movement where people get a sense of extension in a fixed space.

Technical and futuristic aspects of cyberpunk style incorporating retro elements and vivid colours are infused in the space design to appeal to young people. Walls and flooring are concrete with stainless steel and metal used in the chairs and staircase.

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