School of Spatial &
Product Design

Yang KaiWen

Yang KaiWen

Diploma in Interior Design
2018 — 2021

KaiWen is knowledgeable in various design concepts, techniques, and processes. With a strong sense of responsibility, Kaiwen is hardworking, dependable and is serious about work and able to perform well in a team. Proficient in 2D & 3D design software, KaiWen has good sense of aesthetics and is creative.


Concept Hall/ Art Coffee Shop

Simple elements in space design are usually common and lacking particularity. By changing the original environments, diversity is achieved. Inspiration from modular elements and transparency space, constructed with standardised units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use. Each wing of the building and the functions within form a unit of its own. 'Transparency means a simultaneous perception of different spatial locations while space not only recedes but fluctuates in a continuous activity' show pursuit of the light, Elegant and accentuating the uniqueness of space, pleasingly simple, In the elegant surroundings, to show the highest taste.

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