School of Spatial &
Product Design

Evan Tan Jun Wen

Evan Tan Jun Wen

BA(Hons) Product Design

Described by many as adventurous and easy-going, Evan is a self-professed child at heart. He is often curious to learn about people's perspectives and environments and this is embodied in his design approach. Besides his passion for product design, his areas of expertise and interest also lie in image-making through photography, videography and set design.


Just Let Us Live Lah

Just Let Us Live Lah is a series of discursive product installation designs consisting of ACT I, ACT II & ACT III. It highlights the three most basic daily habits of stray cats, which are the act of eating, resting and curiosity. The installation is meant to debunk the misconceptions surrounding stray cats due to the nation's branding of being clean and green, and building awareness and understanding among residents, allowing for stray cats and humans to co-exist within community spaces.

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