School of Spatial &
Product Design

Bobby Low Yong Yi

Bobby Low Yong Yi

BA(Hons) Product Design

Often described as laid-back and curious by nature, Bobby often sets himself off on various escapades to learn and understand new things in life. He believes that knowledge and understanding perspectives are crucial to living a meaningful life. As a designer, Bobby never shied away from thinking out loud and unconventional perspectives. With a creative personality often described as adventurous and loud, his philosophy in creativity is that the leisure of designing is not only about solving the problem but the ability to create obstacles and overcoming them.


Sanctum: An avenue of bereavement

Death during a pandemic may cause problems for the bereaved as traditions and rituals may be disrupted due to safety measures. As a result, most deaths caused by COVID-19 were not given proper funerals or burial due to the risk of the virus spreading to the bereaved during funerals or burial ceremonies.

Sanctum aims to provide a new form of bereavement for families through visual, material and sound. By casting ashes of the deceases into spheres, these spheres are timely and precisely cast into a spiral beeswax candle that will be burned for seven days, releasing a sphere each day. When the sphere is released, it will fall onto a crystal glass plate which will create a soothing and sharp sound representing the presence of the deceased. With Sanctum, pain can be eased as bereaved family members register the death of their loved ones.

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