School of Spatial &
Product Design

Abdul Rahman Bin Abdul Rahim

Abdul Rahman Bin Abdul Rahim

BA(Hons) Product Design

Abdul Rahman is always hungry for new experiences and opportunities. Even if it is outside his comfort zone, Rahman always has something new and unique to offer. As a well-trained product designer, he believes that product designers cannot limit themselves to their discipline. Self-taught in graphic design, he utilises his skills to enhance the story of his products by designing its unique theme and following a strict design language to give a better feel of the concept's target user, environment and story.



Kids cannot register what they learn in school due to the absence of repetition and engagement at home. This results in poor cognitive skills as they grow and phase into primary school. Therefore kids need a tool to practise what they learn in school, at home and what better way than with technology.

Obi is a learning tool for kids in school while also enabling them to continue their development at home. Using Object Recognition Software, Obi fills this void by allowing the user to find the object, scan it, listen to instructions and engage with the activity. With Obi, learning is endless, ranging from simple maths to identifying colours and alphabets.

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