School of Spatial &
Product Design

Fang Shuyi

Fang Shuyi

BA(Hons) Interior Design
2019 — 2021

Fang Shuyi is an empathetic designer. Through her designs, she hopes to solve existing real-world problems and make the current situation better. For Shuyi, the beauty of formalism can be visually and spiritually pleasing, but the pursuit of function and design detail is also essential.


Perinatal Mental Health Care

A woman's emotional well-being during the perinatal period is just as important as her physical health. This project aims to integrate Perinatal Mental Health Care into the obstetric setting at KK Women's and Children's Hospital. Through the design of healing space, ergonomic furniture and functional programmes to relax mother's body and min,; improve their consciousness of mental disorders, increase the understanding, care and support of people around them and play the role of prevention and healing.

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