School of Spatial &
Product Design

Cherinne Olivia

Cherinne Olivia

BA(Hons) Interior Design
2019 — 2021

An aspiring designer and learner with an ambition to leave a spark in the creative industry. Enthusiasm and passion for art and design bring her desire to explore more than just one particular field. Her designs emphasise the exploration of the user's experience, background and intention. She has always been fascinated by the art of shaping one's perception through space. Cherinne believes that poetic spatial narration is the key to crafting spatial experience, which evokes specific behaviour and psychological pattern.



The search for God in the middle of our current secular chaos is no longer the same. Sanctus introduces Nature-Man-God narration to enhance one's spiritual experience in the pursuit of God by viewing the beauty of nature from a different point of view. The way light and shadow dances through space, the sound of rustling tree leaves and rippling of water poetically unfold the power of God's presence. Where intangible play of nature can similarly be seen as God's form — an intimate encounter between oneself and God happened when one can feel the beauty of nature

"Blessed are those who have not seen, and have believed (John 20:29)."

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