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Oh Jing Rou

Oh Jing Rou

Diploma in Fashion
2018 — 2021

Alison (Jing Rou) is a Singapore-based fashion designer from Malaysia. Driven by a proactive mindset, she is believes in constantly learning and improving herself. Alison’s dream is to have her very own label one day, creating comfortable yet stylish clothing for everyone.


Ocean : Blue

The message for this project is the dangers of ocean pollution. The silhouettes were inspired by modern and traditional fishermen’s dressing, along with the silhouette of NASA’s spacesuit to add a futuristic twist to the mix. The main fabric used was upcycled denim, with each piece having its own unique story from its previous owners. Inspired by winter clothing, quilting was also used in the collection. To compensate for Singapore’s warmer climate, the quilts were made thinner. Intricate details of button trimmings also allow the user to change the length of garments easily.

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