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Jocelyn Andra

Jocelyn Andra

Diploma in Fashion
2018 — 2021

For me, work hard and work smart will carry your dreams beyond the norm. And yes! I am a massive dreamer, and I choose fashion to be a part of it. I believe that a balance of patience, passion and purpose will one day transform you, start from nothing into something meaningful.



The new normal'

When does being isolated meet the limitation?

I have questioned myself, are we going to live inside this limitation forever because of the pandemic that is happening in the world right now? 

- In the between - 

There will always beauty in between all the difficulties, sometimes it may not be recognised by nature.

DE'Between Spring/Summer collection 2022 will take you beyond limitation in between the tied. 
Nostalgic? Will bring back memories and cherish every step of it. 
Freedom? Will come to you without you even realising it. 
The beauty will always be in the between.

This collection represents a silhouette from the Indonesian archive with a purpose, to reminisce culture from the past, with a combination of minimalistic, versatile and dramatic design elements, interpreted by the use of ropes draped over the garments to signify isolation.

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