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Arya Giri

Arya Giri

Diploma in Fashion
2018 — 2021

Arya Giri is a 22-year-old Indian American who grew up across the globe. She believes that creativity is an all-encompassing trait that defines her. Her global perspectives on culture and introspection on one's roots has led her to start her own brand, BY ARYA, which explores the nuances of diaspora.


Raaga: The Feminine Force

Raaga is a luxury prêt womenswear label built out of India that is a potpourri of nostalgia, fables and memories wrapped into one as told by my mother while growing up. Having been raised across the globe, understandings of our rich culture and heritage came from the tangibility, idiosyncrasies and tales that were chips of our family pieced together. Every collection embarks on the odyssey of exploring Indian culture through the lens of a diaspora persona.

The Feminine Force is a collection exploring the enigma that is Kali. Through our Fried Brick, Sweet Sambrani, Kum Kum and Navu colour story, we illustrate Kali’s entrancing aura and ferocity and introspect for the Kali within us from the Outsider’s perspective.

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