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Wahidah Ismail

Wahidah Ismail

BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries
2018 — 2021

Wawa is a creative director who uses wit and humour in her works. She finds amusement in the little things because life is too short to be taken seriously.


Walk The Dog

Malay-Muslim families often advise their children to not come in contact with dogs as they are considered impure. Over time, the Malay-Muslim community misinterpreted the act of touching a dog as haram. When in contact with dog's saliva or urine, one has to be ritually cleansed with water that is mixed with ground soil. This purifying method is known as sertu in Islam. ‍

Dogs help to serve society in many ways such as assisting the blind or in policing work. This therefore clarifies that touching a dog is not forbidden as misunderstood by some members of the Malay-Muslim community. This scene seeks to dispel the myth within both Muslim and non-Muslim communities that it is forbidden to come into contact with dogs.

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