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Toh Min Hui Felicia

Toh Min Hui Felicia

BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries
2018 — 2021

Felicia Toh sees herself as a multidisciplinary creative. Skilled in creative direction, photography, branding and communications, Felicia found her calling in fashion marketing. An enthusiastic and avid learner, Felicia was among the handful of students selected for the overseas exchange at Falmouth University, UK which specialises in fashion marketing. Aside from her coursework, Felicia has worked on a curatorial project for an upcoming exhibition at Asian Civilisations Museum and participated in the TAG Heuer window display design and Geometry Global's Future of Retail design competition. She continues to hone her craft as a marketing intern for Shiseido Singapore.



There has been a constant debate on the purpose and intended audience of contemporary fashion shows today. Addressing the rising concerns over the lack of relevance and accessibility to designers' collections and unsustainable model of huge show production, THE I.NBETWEEN is a creative agency that seeks to address existing market gaps by offering independent fashion designers alternative ways of presenting fashion beyond the runway show. 

The proposed framework employs a multidisciplinary approach that adopts the use of empathetic narratives to connect more intimately with the audience. The brand anchors the values of inclusivity and authenticity in its core offering, rallying for the democratisation of fashion. Using digital mixed media, THE I.NBETWEEN designs interactive fashion films within an immersive e-publication that deeply conveys and communicates the designer’s thought-provoking process.

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