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Sharrona Valezka Intan Adamma

Sharrona Valezka Intan Adamma

BA(Hons) Fashion Media and Industries
2018 — 2021

Sharrona is a Jakarta-based aspiring fashion media practitioner who is currently juggling her love for image-making and fashion styling. With her daily dose of iced latte to keep her sane and engines running each morning, she hopes to be able to make an impact on the Indonesian fashion industry.


NISKALA: Vices & Virtues

Exploring the theme of duality in human nature, Vices & Virtues merges the visual languages of both the Western fashion scene and the traditional arts of Bali. The narrative of the fashion images was inspired by the Balinese tale of Barong and Rangda that represents the personification of good and evil. As a mirror of life, the tale portrays the two characters involved in a never-ending battle, depicting how both good and evil must be present in order to retain balance.

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