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Justin Chua

Justin Chua

BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles
2019 — 2021

Justin Chua is a fashion designer based in Singapore. He emphasises the balance of form and functionality within his designs. His works tend to remove gender ideals, by not conforming to the restrictions and boundaries set by society. He draws inspirations mainly from different architectural styles, where structural forms and functionality intersect and translate these ideals through the details and craftsmanship of his designs.



POLYMORPHISM is Collection 1.0, and it represents a shift in change, a new perspective on how the future of fashion is perceived.

Transformative pieces are created to value-add with functionality in mind. They are made to be seamlessly incorporated into everyday lives, with garments catered to multiple needs, prolonging the life and usage of each individual piece.

Brutalism is the aesthetic approach chosen as it shares some underlying principles with the concept of POLYMORPHISM. One defining feature from both is ergonomic functionalism – how the product interacts and behaves with the human body and the wearability aspect of the garments.

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