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Jayal Shroff

Jayal Shroff

MA Design

Jayal Shroff is a design professional with a background in behavioural science. In a career spanning two decades, she has worked for several large brand-name corporations in India and worldwide. With a keen interest in social impact work, Jayal has led projects relating to safety, health and finance in the social space. For one such project, she received accolades for designing interventions that protect hundreds of people who trespass on the railway tracks of Mumbai. She has also co-founded a company that has launched a conversation based audio app for learning and growing. With her present focus on sustainability, Jayal hopes to integrate her design knowledge with pre-existing and interdisciplinary theories as she pursues the goal of preventing waste in Singapore.


Excessive choice to sustainable choice

Everyday choices lead to the collective formation of cultural norms and practices. Like many global economies, Singapore has adopted a culture of excess that has negatively impacted the environment. Therefore the role of design is to investigate how everyday choices can be reframed and redesigned as part of the user's perceptual development. This project has identified a space for design intervention in the intention-to-choice gap, emphasising the need to redesign systems to present more sustainable interactions and behaviours.

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