School of Design

Vu Duc Thanh Long

Vu Duc Thanh Long

Diploma in Design Communication
2018 — 2021

Long Vu is graphic designer and photographer based in Singapore and Vietnam, specialising in typography, branding and photography. Vu thinks that graphic designs are not merely aesthetics but also narrative. Vu likes to take inspirations from culture, movies, architecture and science. To him, design is a journey where he can learn, play and explore.



Meraculus means pure and clear in Latin. Meraculus soap bar is made from glycerin, a component of fat or oil. They are recognisably different from other soaps because they are translucent due to the molecular alignment. The logo and identity system are developed based on the modular grid system, inspired by the idea of a unique chemical structure of atoms and molecules. The brand insight is the balance of basic elements in life: Ignis (fire), acqua (water), terra (earth) and aer (air).

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