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Park Jiyoon

Park Jiyoon

Diploma in Design Communication
2018 — 2021

Jiyoon is a graphic designer from Seoul, Korea, who creates experimental, intuitive and personal designs. Having lived in China, Korea and Singapore, she designs with an underlying understanding of cultural contexts. She is highly invested in typography, publication and branding by creating designs that add value to people's lives. Her design motto is to 'Design ASAP' – not 'As Soon As Possible' but 'As Slow As Possible' and have a detail-oriented mindset applied throughout her projects. Her ultimate goal is to become one of the emerging designers who break the conventional design system in Singapore and Korea.


Way to remember

I am a body of water, as are you, as is a river, a snow squall, a walrus, a tamarind tree. Thinking as a body of water suggests that everybody expresses the potential to push the boundaries of our conventional sense of bodies as solid, consistent subject-selves.

'Way to remember' is a zine that explores the relationship between water and memories, hence ourselves. The zine has Korean and English aligned to each other throughout the pages, with textures from cement, water drains and sewage as a visual element and page breaker. There is no destination to this discovery. It is never-ending, but a question Jiyoon wanted to ask herself and the audience.

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