School of Design

Myat Moe Phyu Lwin

Myat Moe Phyu Lwin

Diploma in Design Communication
2018 — 2021

Myat Moe Phyu Lwin is an aspiring graphic designer and photographer originally from Yangon, Myanmar and who is currently based in Singapore. She has always been a creative individual with a passion for the arts since young.



Enigma is photo series that portrays the most intense and incomprehensible feelings and thoughts that haunt the soul.

Inspired by techniques such as Kensuke Koike's Deconstructing and Reconstructing Photography, Maurizio Anzeri's portraits that were sewed directly into found vintage photographs, Annegien Schilling's surreal self-portrait photo manipulations, as well as Brno Del Zou's use of layers and creating images by layering different sections from different cropped photos.

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