School of Design

Elisa Kelly Malonzo Lorena

Elisa Kelly Malonzo Lorena

Diploma in Design Communication
2018 — 2021

Kelly Lorena is a graphic designer in Singapore seeking to venture into dynamic user-driven design focusing on branding and UX/UI. Beyond her intense appetite for everything design, she enjoys reading books and training Muay Thai.



ATOM specialises in crafting chalk powders to maximise friction and reduce slipping for top climbing performances. The chalk brand focuses on every climber's journey to unleash their power and reach great heights while reinforcing the invaluable social element of the climbing community. ATOM aims to form a vibrant community of climbers – both amateurs and former amateurs – that learn, grow and analyse routes together. Their mission is to connect learners from various cultures and life experiences to confront their most intimidating summits. ATOM prides itself on the importance of a community that looks out for one another, every hold of the way. Welcome to the community with the mindset of embracing challenges. Welcome to ATOM.

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