School of Design



Diploma in Design Communication
2018 — 2021

Angel is a digitally-driven designer who enjoys UI/UX, illustration, motion animation and graphic design. She loves to utilise logic and technicality in creating designs to provide functionality and practicality. Angel also enjoys solving problems by studying human behaviour and psychology. Not naturally minimalist, she is an enthusiast in exploring peculiar design directions and other approaches outside her comfort zone.



Hakuin is a branding project of a Japanese tableware set highly influenced by the Zen concept of oneness and balance. The brand aims to deliver convenience, sustainability and affordability without compromising quality and appearance.

With the belief that 'consumption behaviour of people changes according to what is provided for them', Hakuin thoughtfully challenges the culture of disposability by offering a durable set of table essentials that fulfil all needs at once. Made from biodegradable wheat straw, the brand is designed to reduce plastics usage and contribute towards a sustainable planet by offering safer alternative and nurturing customers on a healthier lifestyle.

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