School of Design

Casimir Simon

Casimir Simon

BA(Hons) Design Communication
2018 — 2021

Casimir is a graphic designer based in Singapore with a keen interest in design's potential for shaping future societies. Going beyond rad graphics, he believes design has more to offer in envisioning better futures given the various humanistic considerations taken during its processes. Casimir pursues this design approach through vigorous research and experimentation, creating work that matters and hoping that it would one day influence the future. If he is not designing, he is probably jamming on the guitar or doing something football-related, being an avid Manchester United fan. Hit him up if you would like to design stuff, or hang out and reminisce about how Star Wars was way better before Disney took over.


Sub-merged States

While most attention has been paid to the physical implications of climate change, less is given to its societal implications and the different threats it multiplies. This possibility space allows designers to propose design interventions that could benefit the livelihoods of future societies. Through the practice of speculative design, Sub-merged States is a collaborative project that explores the notion of land and space in the context of sea-level rise and massive human displacement within Southeast Asia in the year 2050 and beyond. Due to the emergence of "climate refugees" and over-crowding in urban spaces, states will have to prepare for the arrivals of large communities that see migration as an adaptation measure to the implications of climate change.

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