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Jocelyn Low

Jocelyn Low

MA Creative Writing
2018 — 2020

A secondary school educator in Singapore, Jocelyn has taught students in mainstream schools, independent schools, and now, she heads the English department at a school which prepares students on the autism spectrum for GCE national examinations.

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Thesis work

Value Hotel is a collection of six stories which explores the idea that a place, in this case a budget hotel in Singapore, serves as a physical space where stories unfold, as well as a metaphorical setting for the inner worlds of the characters to intersect. Expectations about what goes on behind closed doors in this hotel are subverted, as a different narrative comes about through the manifestation of each character’s psychological needs and wants in such an environment. The stories also interrogate the idea of what sex is and the role it plays in connecting two people physically and emotionally. The characters associated with Value Hotel are outside of a dominant narrative in society, and in giving them a voice, this thesis hopes to carve out a space for them in the literary landscape.