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Amanda Ling

Amanda Ling

MA Arts Pedagogy and Practice
2020 — 2021

Amanda Ling is an established musician, DJ, yoga teacher, sound healing practitioner and a KonMari® consultant. As the founder of Align Origins, she facilitates sound healing, wellness workshops and immersive experiences. She graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a Diploma in Contemporary Popular Music in 2004 and will be graduating with an MA in Arts Pedagogy and Practice from LASALLE in 2021, awarded by Goldsmiths, University of London.


Teaching philosophy and research interests
Amanda’s approach to learning and teaching is grounded in the reflective/reflexive practice of experiential learning. This informs her approach of integrating the embodied practices of sound healing, music and wellness to empower one’s holistic health.

Her research focused on deepening the understanding of her own identity as a musician, sound healing practitioner, teacher and how her work affects the psychological aspects of individuals and community. Her research interests include anthropological perspectives of healing and sound, phenomenology, transdisciplinary approaches. She believes that through the reflective practice within each embodied experience of a moment, the learner is empowered to critically examine their values and perspectives. This process holds the potential to inform, evolve or transform their choices, actions and experiences within their life, community and the world at large.

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Thesis abstract

Sound self: an inquiry to the use of sound to affect healing

Sound Healing is one of the oldest forms of healing known to man. We are now realizing how powerful sound can be when used for healing. In the current climate of modern lifestyle and global pandemic, stress is at an all-time high, affecting individuals' mental health and energy levels. The purpose of this research is to investigate how my sound healing sessions as a musician and sound healing practitioner affect healing and psychological states of an individual while having a deeper understanding in articulating my identity as an artist, healer and teacher. Through a self-inquiry-based questionnaire and interviews, this study was conducted using the phenomenological approach, a qualitative method to understand participants' embodied experiences and perspectives about their stressors, healing, and the effects of the sound healing session. This was done as a focus group with six people: one private client and six people from two online platforms that I work with. For both group and individual sessions, sound healing sessions were combined with a reflective expressive art activity, which provided valuable insight into their sense of self and the world. The results showed that the artful curation of energy flow, within the sound sessions resulted in mental clarity, physical and emotional trauma release, and spiritual growth in participant. Healing is a continual journey in life which brings further research opportunities in developing reflexivity as a practitioner within my work.

Work experience

2010 – present
In Each Hand A Cutlass

2003 – present
Freelance musician, keyboardist, DJ, composer, music educator

2003 – 2004

2004 – 2009

2006 – 2010
Hi5 Arts Academy
Freelance IT music instructor

2007 – 2014 
Freelance private piano teacher

2011 – 2017
Co-founder Thunder Rock School/Instructor

2012 – present
Freelance Yoga teacher

May 2016 – present 
Shima Healing Institute
Senior Apprentice/Ancient Singing Bowl Facilitator/Sound Worker

2018 – present
Align Origins
Founder/ Wellness Practitioner