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Sigrid Maria Inderberg

Sigrid Maria Inderberg

MA Arts and Cultural Leadership
2020 — 2021

Having an artistic talent, Sigrid has over 14 years of international experience as a professional musician, project leader and educator in both Asia and Europe. Being a creative flutist with background in symphony orchestras, folk music, chamber music and crossover projects, she is also a skilled music pedagogue with extensive experience from international schools. Sigrid holds an MA degree from Royal Danish Music Conservatory and an MA in Arts and Cultural Leadership at LASALLE College of The Arts.


Research interests
Cultural diplomacy, music, audience development

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Thesis abstract

Norwegian cultural diplomacy – export of Norwegian music: cultural diplomacy through the lens of the artist

The world is becoming increasingly smaller and more globalised. Cultural diplomacy has become increasingly evident in this new landscape. The Norwegian cultural diplomacy – as an explicit part of Norwegian foreign policy – is relatively new. It rests on the interaction of two traditional sectors, cultural policy and foreign policy, in order to achieve a balanced and productive result. The opposing views of instrumentalisation (art as a vehicle) versus non-instrumentalisation (art for art’s sake) have been central concepts shaping this collaboration.

Even though there has been a growing interest in the field of cultural diplomacy in recent years, a wide research gap still remains. In particular, there is a lack of research into the views of the artists. Through interviews of musicians, this research aims to investigate firstly how an increased instrumentalisation of the arts and in particular music, is perceived by the artists themselves and secondly, the role of music in Norwegian cultural diplomacy.

Work experience

Norwegian Cultural Center