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Syarifuddin Sahari

Syarifuddin Sahari

BA(Hons) Arts Management
2018 — 2021

Syarifuddin exists at the intersection of being a movement artist and arts manager, believing in the possibilities of having multiple perspectives. He is a highly adaptable individual and team player with vast experiences working with varying work dynamics, and considers communication as the key to efficiency and productivity. While his main interest lies in the diversity and fluidity of dance and movement, he is also intrigued by the potential of collaborations across art forms and mediums – questioning, exploring and pushing the boundaries of what the arts can be. 

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Thesis abstract

Analysing the presence of large-scale events within the street dance ecology in Singapore

Many sectors exist within the street dance ecology in Singapore with Radikal Forze Jam and Super 24 being two prominent events where these sectors converge. Due to their scale, both tangible and intangible support have contributed to the longevity of these annually anticipated events and enriched the development of the street dance practitioners both locally and those from abroad. Collaborations with international practitioners during and outside of these events have widened the perspective of local practitioners and challenged, provoked and inspired further growth in both emerging and experienced dance artists. Some street dance practitioners or collectives, such as Sixpoint5, are exploring other avenues for continued development within the art form. With the growing presence and awareness of the subculture, practitioners navigate between artistic delivery and fulfilling objectives set by themselves and their stakeholders. Qualitative interviews with notable figures in the street dance community from the various sectors highlight the challenges and motivations the practitioners encounter. With the findings, this paper then recommends potential trajectories the street dance community can consider to continue the enrichment of its practitioners.

Work experience

Jan 2020 – present
-wright Assembly
Associate Producer

Jun – Nov 2020
District 14: 7 Kali Bah by P7:1SMA
Asst Project Manager & Documentarian

May – Jun 2019
Singapore International Festival of Arts
Artiste Liaison Officer & Hospitality Crew