School of
Contemporary Music

Stanley Seet Wee Meng

Stanley Seet Wee Meng

Diploma in Music
2017 — 2021

Stanley is a singer-songwriter who actively volunteers as a musician in the social services and mental health sectors where his introspective lyric-writing style finds the most purpose. In his free time, he also provides music lessons to youths in recovery from non-profit organisations and ghostwrites for other musicians. Currently, he is partnering with the National Youth Council and Singapore Association for Mental Health to release his first EP in 2021. The EP, tentatively titled Fragile Voices, touches on the feelings and thoughts of people on the mental health journey. He hopes the EP will provide a platform for more open conversation about mental health among youths.


Stanley has performed his original tunes at venues including Singapore Association of Mental Health's YOUTHAlive concerts, Purple Parade Singapore as well as Singapore Drama Educators Association's play STIGMA (dir. Tan Chia Wei and Shalyn Yong). He wrote a song for STIGMA, and also played a role in the play and wrote the script for his character. He has also performed at local tourist establishments such as the Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore.

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