School of
Contemporary Music

Fariz Junaini

Fariz Junaini

Diploma in Audio Production
2019 — 2021

Fariz is an inquisitive and proactive audio engineer and musician. He has over five years of experience playing the guitar, and is involved with various bands producing and mixing music. Fariz has worked in the audio industry as a member of the technical crew, FOH engineer and monitor engineer among others.


Faris was the sound designer for LASALLE's production of Twelfth Night (dir. Michael Earley), Monitor Engineer for Rock and Indie Festival 2019, FOH Engineer for LASALLE Open House 2019 as well as a Recording/Mixing Engineer for musical theatre production From Stage to Screen (dir. Rayann Condy). He was also the FOH engineer for Okestra Trio at Gardens by the Bay.

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