School of
Contemporary Music

Maleva Ristananda

Maleva Ristananda

BA(Hons) Music
2017 — 2021

Maleva is an accomplished pianist and composer from Indonesia. She began composing from the early age of 10, when she composed her first piano solo piece titled 'Dance of the Waterfall'. Her eclectic style of writing music encompasses genres such as classical, jazz, ethnic, film music, contemporary and atonal, and her compositions contain influences from composers such as Alexandre Desplat, Thomas Newman and Hans Zimmer. Maleva’s distilled and unique vocals can also be heard in her works. She also performs as a vocalist with bands.


Maleva has composed and arranged for various mediums and productions such as short films for Arseri Creative House, musical performances put up by Jakarta Movement of Inspiration and a Christmas concert by Ensemble de la Belle Musique, amongst others. Her pieces and arrangements have also been performed in some of Singapore's most well-known performing arts venues like Esplanade and Gateway Theatre. Her work can be found on

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