School of
Contemporary Music

Lim Jing Xian

Lim Jing Xian

BA(Hons) Music
2019 — 2021

Jing Xian is a classically-trained pianist and accompanist who actively participates in music concerts and festivals. She has performed at the Victoria Concert Hall, Esplanade Recital Studio and LASALLE's Singapore Airlines Theatre. Besides working as a soloist, she enjoys performing in ensembles as well as being an accompanist for instrumentalists and ballet dancers. Jing Xian also has a strong interest in music education and hopes to nurture and cultivate a love for music in the younger generation. She is a seasoned music educator and has been teaching piano for the past four years.


Jing Xian’s most recent project was the annual LASALLE Piano Voyage concert instalment, Global Transmission: Museum of Musical Infection, where she was both a production manager and performer. Other LASALLE initiatives she was involved in include the LASALLE Concerto Competition, Bel Amour: A Valentine's Season Piano Recital and community outreach at Alexandra and Mount Elizabeth hospitals. She also appeared on the recordings of The Living Composers Piano Anthology album.

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