School of
Contemporary Music

Khushi Lovekar

Khushi Lovekar

BA(Hons) Music
2018 — 2021

Khushi is a composer and arranger from Pune, India. She has formal training in Hindustani classical vocal music and Western classical piano. She began her music career as a keyboardist/pianist before moving into composing in 2017 after she was asked to compose the score for the short film Agnidaah. Khushi has subsequently composed music for theatre productions, short films and animated features. She tries to incorporate contemporary scoring techniques and ambient electronic sounds into her compositions. After graduating from LASALLE, Khushi intends to pursue her Masters in scoring for film, television and video games. Outside of her scoring work, Khushi also composes instrumental rock music with post-rock and math rock influences.


During her time at LASALLE, Khushi was involved in various interdisciplinary projects. She composed and performed the music for Mishima's 5 Modern Noh Plays (dir. Elizabeth de Roza), a performance by the BA(Hons) Acting students in collaboration with students from the Diploma in Dance programme. Khushi has also composed music for student short films and animated films. Khushi has written singles 'Nepenthe' and 'Hiraeth' which are available on all major streaming platforms. 

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