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As Bold as Red, as Soft as Velvet

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Gary is a 20-year-old fresh graduate who initially identified himself as asexual. However, following a surprise visit by his colleague Matthew, Gary discovers that he's actually gay. Things escalate when Gary's mother, Mrs. B, unintentionally finds out about his true sexual orientation. In the midst of chaos, Gary finds himself jumping back and forth between the real world and his subconscience, where he has to face Matthew, Mrs. B and himself to complete a maturity ritual and gain acceptance from others and, ultimately, himself.

Film type: Short Fiction
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Runtime: 15:05 

Country: Singapore
Language: English

Director: Nguyen Minh Truong Giang
Assistant Director: Prahalad Guru
Producer: Hao Sijia
Assistant Producer: Nikhita Alisha Ohri, Ann Jennings
Scriptwriter: Nguyen Minh Truong Giang
Editor: Nguyen Minh Truong Giang
Cinematographer: Rahul Radhakrishnan
Audio mixing: Muhammad Zaihan Bin Zulkipli
Soundtrack: Tran Dang Van Anh
1st Camera Assistant: Nathaniel Jareth Nonis
2nd Camera Assistant: Ong Xin Ying, Shaquille Fabri Attala Rayhan
Behind-the-scenes: Wayne Chan
Gaffer: Muhammad Haritz Bin Mohd Jasni
Grips: Shannon Elric Ong Zhi Jie, John Marie Salazar Bancale, Niranjan Samuel Bennet
Art Director: Cordelia Tan Wen Ting
Art Assistant: S Hema Martina, Han Shih Min, Joyce Chua Wen Yuan
Hair and make-up: Angeline Klarissa, Amisha Prakash
Boom Operator: Jeshua James Dylan
Production Assistant: Glenda Chong Qi Min