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The Paramedic

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Mr Hasnon is a paramedic, riding in ambulances and attending emergency calls as part of the Singapore Civil Defence Force for the past 22 years. The film traces his journey from a non-medical background to becoming a knowledgeable paramedic who has saved multiple lives.

Film type: Short Documentary
Genre: Action, Adventure
Runtime: 18:12 

Country: Singapore
Language: English, Malay

Director: Yap Cai Fa
Producer: Yap Cai Fa
Scriptwriter: Yap Cai Fa
Editor: Yap Cai Fa
Cinematographer: Yap Cai Fa
Audio mixing: Yap Cai Fa
Special thanks to: Singapore Civil Defence Force, National Youth Council, Young Living Centre, Mohammed Hanson, Mdm Salina, Ms Adeline, Melvin, Marcus, Amelia, Nik and Jason