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Gone are the Moat and the Walls

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Zhang returns to Singapore after 20 years to look for the last remaining survivor of his puppet troupe. As Zhang searches for him, Zhang discovers a Singapore he does not recognise.

Film type: Short Fiction
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 18:04

Country: Singapore
Language: Mandarin, Hokkien

Director: Joshuah Lim En
Assistant Director: Laurelle Theo
Producer: Nabillah Hamidah
Scriptwriter: Tan Jit Jenn
Editor: Clyde Kam Pek Lim
Cinematographer: Randey Ng Ting Fai
Audio mixing: Florent Corchia
Sound Recordist: Lim Xiang Yin
Production Designer: Dionne Goh Sze Yin
Gaffer: May Chong Xue Ning