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Antara Suria Dan Purnama

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A period drama based in the late 1970s which follows a mother who struggles to hide her autistic daughter, so that her husband can become the religious leader of the village.

Film type: Short Fiction
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 18:19

Country: Singapore
Language: Malay

Director: Ang Zheng Xiang
Assistant Director: Kaizerin L. Tanzil (1st AD), Syaza Agape (2nd AD)
Producer: Sera Joy Wee
Associate Producer: Batrisyia Hazrin
Scriptwriter: Mindy Chin
Editor: Batrisyia Hazrin
Cinematographer: Kimberly Lium
Audio mixing: Laurelle Theo
Soundtrack: Arshad Sunday
Sound Recordist: Florent Corchia
Production Designer: Kavitha Manimaran
Additional Credits: Masdiana Bte Jumaat, Aric Hidir Amin, Eiliyah Mysha Binte Jailani