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Alighting For Lola

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Amidst a series of riots, 16-year-old Lola Chong tries to make sense of her place in life and the people it disadvantages as she comes to know a retrenched worker.

Film type: Short Fiction
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 18:21

Country: Singapore
Language: Chinese

Director: Kaizerin L. Tanzil
Assistant Director: Ang Zheng Xiang
Producer: Laurelle Theo
Scriptwriter: Kimberly Lium
Editor: Randey Ng
Cinematographer: Angeline Hendrata
Audio mixing: Nabillah Hamidah
Sound Recordist: Muzaffar Muhar
Cast: Olivia Hou Chen Yu, Agnes Goh, Elvis Chin
Production Designer: Wong Wen Hui