McNally School
of Fine Arts

Erman Ashburn

Erman Ashburn

MA Fine Arts
2020 — 2021

Erman Ashburn is a Singaporean educator and visual artist whose practice explores the complex relationships of local youth culture. Focusing on school-going teenagers, Erman considers their psyche and aspirations in relation to the ideals of meritocracy and social mobility in the city-state.  Erman has gathered and led a community of art educators to create artworks with youths since 2011. Recent exhibitions and community art outreach projects include Project Adam (2015) at Adam Road Hawker Centre, Embracing Diversity in Unity (2016) at Jurong Regional Library; Project Synthesis (2017) at Jalan Bahar Clay Studio and By The Minute (2018) at HortPark.


Before the ★ disappears
3D print

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