McNally School
of Fine Arts

Kim Suhyun

Kim Suhyun

Diploma in Fine Arts
2018 — 2021

Kim Suhyun is a Korean artist based in Singapore. She finds joy in exploring relationships between space and objects to better understand the world. Through her practice, she hopes to question people's perceptions and selves. Recently, Suhyun designed the exhibition wall text for WALKWAY 2021: Between Dilettantes and Dissertations. She also volunteered for ARTWALK Little India 2021, helping Khairulddin Wahab with his mural Warp & Weft, and has showcased her work at LASALLE Open House 2019. Suhyun participated in the HMPS-UNAS Visual Arts Drawing Competition in 2016 as well as My Stamp Story Art Competition 2015 organised by the Singapore Philatelic Museum and won consolation and gold prizes respectively.


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