McNally School
of Fine Arts

Teo Annjee

Teo Annjee

Diploma in Fine Arts
2017 — 2021

Annjee Teo is an artist, researcher and paintmaker based in Singapore. Her inspiration comes from the various ethnographies and histories of Southeast Asia. Her research is focused on enigmatic storytelling and the symbiotic relationships that humans have with materials. Annjee is also passionately curious about the science involved in artistic processes and the delicate chemistry involved in creating paint. She owns and operates Forage & Forge Paints, which specialises in artisanal handmade watercolor paint. Her work has been exhibited at Gillman Barracks, Yale-NUS College and LASALLE College of the Arts, among others. She is the chief editor of the 14th Praxis Press, and recently curated an exhibition entitled Walkway 2021: Between Dilettantes and Dissertations.


By Oceans and Ochres
Table with installation
150 x 75 cm

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